Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Art of Forgiving

Thinking of forgiving

Let’s talk about forgiveness. Just because someone offers forgiveness doesn’t mean what occurred was all right. It is important to realize that forgiving absolutely doesn’t mean condoning the behavior which offended or hurt you. The mere fact that you no longer feed energy into the hurt, pain and resistance plus allowing yourself to heal again from the damage it caused you, is the main reason why forgiveness is being offered.

With forgiveness being mentioned, it is quite impossible not to attached the little phrase “forgive and forget’ into the topic. No, I am definitely not a fan of this famous phrase. We all know that this doesn’t work at all times. Especially when we learned something from the person or things that brought us pain and hurt. We get hurt but with every pain comes with lessons we learn. Yes we will move on, but we can never easily forget the deeds that brought a lesson. 

So the next time you encounter someone who spoke words or did things which you may find true and helpful, remember them. Learn from them and recall them when they are again helpful. Yes, you can forgive. But forget, only if it serves you best and highest good. 

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