Thursday, August 27, 2015

Getting Through the Quarter Life Crisis

Quarterlife Crisis - Life Coach

It is finally happening. One day, all things look great on you on surface. A secured job, great house, lots of friends and an overall pleasant life. And then all of a sudden, you realize deep inside there is something missing in your life. You may be 25 but feel 45. As a person in their mid-twenties, you expected to be having the best time of your life but then suddenly, you feel unfulfilled and empty.

You started to question everything- how you ended up on a career path you’re not passionate about. Or how you really wanted to live independently from your family, or why were you constantly going out with your supposed to be “good friends” who actually could not understand you most of the time. Up to the point where you question the purpose of your existence. Or you do even have a life purpose. The worst part is that you couldn’t come up with any answers. Until these unanswerable questions pulled you into an anxious depression. 

The Quarter Life Crisis

Life Reality - Quarterlife Crisis
Many young adults are experiencing quarter life crisis due to some reasons. Struggling to cope with anxieties about jobs, debt, unemployment and relationships are among the most common reason. And although 25 is a special age when we stand on the cusp of new chapter in our lives, it also brings a few handful of new information that gets you really disappointed. Below are some of the things you might take a look at and see whether you are experiencing the same thing. Can you identify yourself on most or all of these scenarios?

1. You miss being in school. You were surprised that after decades of wanting out, you suddenly want back in again. 

2. You realize that things can sometimes get really boring. 

3. You no longer enjoy drinking, partying and raging.

4. You’re starting to question why on Earth should your paycheck be eaten up by taxes. 

5. You’re having difficulty making new friends.

6. Realizing you’re turning 25 and still "single". And you’re not happy with it.

7. Losing your friends due to different life directions.

8. You no longer like your job or getting bored with it.

9. After living on your own for a while, you’ll starting to realize it isn’t as glamorous or awesome as you were expecting it to be.

10. Now that you are an adult, you want to revert to being kid again. 

11. It turns out being an adult can be really expensive especially now that you actually had to support yourself.

12. Feeling confused where to head in life.

13. Being disappointed with how time quickly flown by without being able to achieve something in your career or life in general.

14. Realizing there’s only a little time for you to actually create your dream life.

15. As you get old, it seems like you understand life less.

How to Pull Yourself Out of a Quarter-Life Crisis

To get your life back on track, these tips can help:

1. Share your feelings. Talk with someone you feel comfortable with.
Talk with someone

2. Pray. Meditate. Practice spirituality.
Pray and Meditate

3. Volunteer with people. Volunteer in a tutorial service or nursing home, even outreach programs.

4. Make plans. Break down your life into digestible pieces to ease decision making.
Make plans

5. Seek a mentor or connect with someone who experienced getting through the same situations you are in.
Connect with people of experience

6. Get a life coach or see a therapist.
Life Coach

Always remember that you don't have to go through quarter life crisis alone. It is important that you find people to help. Just trust that you'll get through quarter life crisis and come out on the other side better than ever.

If you feel stuck, depressed, or experiencing quarter life crisis and needs someone to help, let a life coach help you.